AJ Nursery is a second generation family run business founded by Dale Kirk and named after his first two children, Andy and Julian. His daughter Jody is also an active part of the nursery. The business started when the family planted scotch pine trees on their farm in 1975. It has grown over the years from a small Christmas tree farm and shop to a wholesale-retail grower of evergreens, deciduous trees and shrubs. In 1999 the first deciduous trees were planted in the field and in 2001 the first pot-in-pot system was installed for growing deciduous trees and shrubs that are easily transportable. We are currently expanding the pot-in-pot system with the help of Bubba Plumbing & Heating (the best there is in the business) and building cold frame greenhouses to help our shrubs stay healthy through the harsh winter months. Recently we have also expanded our business into the landscaping and hardscaping fields.

The nursery is open to the public year round. During the spring, summer, and autumn seasons the public, landscapers and garden centers will find a huge selection of trees (of the evergreen, flowering, and shade variety), perennials and shrubs. We grow much of what we sell, which makes prices very competitive. In the fall we sell both precut and cut-your-own Christmas trees from 3 to 20.

Our goal is to provide the best possible plants and services at the most reasonable price possible. Stop by and see Dale, Kim, Andy, Jody, Julian and our staff who are always most willing to help you.